Who I am, what I do...

Welcome to my website 

To give you some background, based in Bristol, I’ve been making artistic gifts for friends and family for many many years .......and they have encouraged me from the start to take it out into the wider world,  so I finally thought I would do just that!

Why Uniquelypebbles? My nickname is Pebbles, and every piece I make is unique....simple 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • Glass Collages

  • Artistic Mirrors

  • Decorative Vases

  • Canvas art.....and more

I love working with mirrors and glass as I love light and reflection, and they can without doubt totally transform a space.

Mirrors in particular I see as more than purely functional, as well as a base for collage, I see no reason why they can’t be works of art in their own right, as they enhance reflection, space and colour in their setting.

​My focus is to utilise recycled materials as much as possible eg coloured glass cullet, broken jewellery, any odds and ends I get my hand on no matter how random, and the mirrors themselves . Its challenging for me, ethical as a bonus, and best of all makes each piece an absolute one off.

Unique handmade commissions can be made to your specifications such as size, shape, colour and style, and feel assured you’re not obligated to buy the end result if it's not what you envisaged.

Check out my gallery to see current available unique pieces you can buy immediately, and bear in mind I can personalise any current stock item. You can also view past work to gauge the variety  I have created previously.  Take note every piece comes with my personal guarantee